Animals For Viruthunagar

Animals For Viruthunagar(Animals4vnr), is a non-profit conservation organization working on promoting harmony between humankind and nature. Animals4vnr recognizes that like us humans animals too have the ability to experience pain, and as such they deserve certain basic rights protecting them from pain caused by humans.


  • To love Gods creations of Animals and Birds
  • To take care of uncared Animals and Birds
  • To prevent cruel killing of Animals
  • To make the local bodies to carry out both state and central Governments instructions and orders
  • To taking care of stony dogs and doing birth control through Government Medical Officers
  • To give medical treatments to sick animals and birds through the Government Officials
  • To making shelter to uncared and sick animals
  • To taking steps to make feedings to uncared, sick and old animals and birds
  • Making Hygienic atmosphere, keeping the surroundings clean
  • To provide proper preventive medicines and injections to animals to prevent them communicable disease and saving humans from their poison due bitting
If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans

In the phase of the massive ecological problems that beset our country such as shrinking habitat, animal sacrifices, cruelty to animals, extinction of wild species of flora and fauna, one can either despair, or act to halt and reverse them. Animals4vnr has chosen to act.

We at Animals4vnr, believe that animals should not be subjected to suffering and exploitation by humans because alternatives exist for nearly every traditional "usage" of animals. The natural habitats and food sources for the native fauna are constantly being eroded and these animals are being exposed to increasing risks from predators and ' unnatural' dangers. Human cruelty accounts for many of the casualties brought in for care, attention and rehabilitation.

Animals4vnr principal concerns are crisis management and the provision of quick, efficient aid to those animals that require it the most in and around viruthungar city.